Sunday, November 26, 2017

My latest obsession

I know...I know for the last few years I have been quiet, but yes, I am still writing. My time these days is limited, so this latest novel is taking me a bit longer to push out. I can't wait to wrap the story up. I'm three fourths of the way done. This new dark magical fantasy is absolutely fascinating. Check out the sneak peek:

The room was cast with dark shadows created by the silver gleam of the moon.  I could make out a vanity and mirror adjacent to the bed. Shuffling and footsteps came from the other side of the door. A bright yellow beam shone through the crack on the bottom. Whispered voices disrupted the quiet. Shadows blocked the beam of light as someone grab the door handle.
I clenched the side of the bed and propped myself up on my good elbow. Please God let it be my parents. The knob turned and three manly shadows entered. I held my breath. One flicked the lights on.

I gasped at the sight of the three guys from earlier. My hands shielded my eyes as they adjusted to the brightness. I scrambled to get myself out of bed and panicked when I couldn’t stand because of my condition. The pain in my right foot was crippling. I fell to the floor with a cry of agony. I clutched my calf trying to squeeze the ache away. As the guys moved toward me I crawled backward into a corner.  Like a caged animal at the zoo they stared at me. I began to cry.

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