Monday, August 6, 2012


Men of the Cave is doing great another 5 star from a Goodreads winner! Irene Watson's reviewer on Reader Views had this to say about the book:

" A world of Greek mythology, Christian beliefs, and attractive immortals.
I loved the Spanish culture and language thrown into the book as Kasey adjusted to her new surroundings. The juxtaposition of Greek mythology and Christian myths was also excellently and intriguingly done. All these different layers of culture and context provided a rich background for the story.
Overall I enjoyed “Men of the Cave” and will probably keep my eye out for the sequel, and its semi-groundbreaking back-story made up for its overdone romance. I would recommend “Men of the Cave” to fans of “Twilight” or other supernatural romances, to fans of Greek mythology, and fans of Christian fiction." Reviewed by Madeleine Sullivan for Reader Views

My Editor is done with Jar of Pandora and said "Did I tell you how much I love this story! Maybe more than the first!" We meet soon and I go back to rewrites on it. It is still looking like late Fall for it's release.

Thank you everyone for the support.
*I will be doing a Skype interview for the Goodreads group Teen Romance at the end of August. Hope you check it out!
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