Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Excerpt on BTS YA Facebook Page

Thank you BTS for the wonderful promotions they do for authors!

Here is a Tuesday excerpt from my third book in the Symbol of Hope Series, comes out this year:

He left the room and I fell to my knees before my God. I focused on the crac...kling flames.
“Two thousand years ago I gave my life because I believed in your son. And for that sacrifice my brothers and I were sentenced to walk through time, year after year,” I spoke to the flames.
I understood, what He has asked of us, and why we lived all those years.
“My love for her is greater than anything I have ever felt. How…can I see her through this without falling apart myself? They say you never ask for something you do not think we can handle, but I think you have overestimated what I am emotionally capable of giving you.”
“For two thousand years I have never asked much from you. I accepted my life and will take whatever future you see fit for me.” I stood and glared at the divine family. “But here tonight I beg you, spare her life for no other reason than for this man before you who bids your compassion.”
I collapsed to a sitting position. A sick sensation of shame consumed me. I squeezed my thighs. I was not worthy to look up at them. How could I have demanded such a thing? I knew that the prayers of one man held no weight to what was better for the greater good.
There was no peace left in my heart, just cold bitterness. A conflicting agony stirred inside between His will and my love for her. It was as her father had said, ‘Seven men would help carry Kasey to her destiny.’ I was one of those seven. I was destined to protect her not fall in love with her. Where did I go wrong?

Book one, Men of the Cave and book two Jar of Pandora are available on Amazon

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What a way to start the Year!

5 star review!  Little Bit of R&R blog -"I am actually anxious to see how Kasey's prophesy plays out. Bringing Pandora in and changing the spin on her box was an amazing idea!!! I do list this as a recommended read. It is a great concept and story."

A Featured Author for February's BTS e-magazine! To read December's issue of the Magazine click here: BTS e-mag

My short story Cupid's Muse to be PUBLISHED in BTS February's e-magazine!

Guest Author Speaker at Hope Sound Elementary in February and at the  Singer Island Marriott in March.

Lot's happening this year! Looking forward to all it has to bring :)

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