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Men of the Cave by Marisette Burgess

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Jul 28, 12

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First of all, I would like to thank Marisette for asking me to review this book! If she had never asked me to, I would've never found this book, and miss out on some really great fantasy!

Men of the Cave was a fabulous book, very fun and adventurous, and I loved the blend of Christianity with Greek Mythology! I mean where else can you find that in books?! It was such and original unique idea, and it gave it a fun twist, and I enjoyed it very much.

The setting was FABULOUS! I love how it's all the way out into a foreign country, instead of the U.S. Seems to me it's either the U.S. or a whole new world that most books are set in now. So the setting was such a refreshing change.

Each character really felt unique- how each brother had their own special talent, and how each acted, and thier interactions with Kasey were fun! Very humourous at times too. :)

Dion and Kasey's romance was so cute! I loved how it wasn't like an overdoes of romance, like it can sometimes get in other books, it was in perfect balance with the rest of the story. It was fun, and very romantic at times. :) Brings a smile to your face.

I liked how this was written in two POVs- Kasey's and Dion's, which worked really well with this story. I'm cool with more than 1 POVs, but sometimes, it seems unnecessary, and can be executed badly. Marisette is definitely a talented writer. I think the best thing about this book is how unique it is, it definitely stands out among all those other YA books out there.

The only complaint: TOO SHORT. PLEASE. I WANT TO KNOW MORE. :( I reach the end of the story and I kept flipping the page expecting for more... and nope. That was the last page. So here is me, hoping for the next book to come out...

I'm very intrigue by how all this is going down, and the prologue and the end of the book gave a very nice cliffhanger, so that doesn't really help with waiting... But thank god there's a next book! I was worried there wasn't going to be. I can't wait for Jar of Pandora! :)

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The history behind Men of the Cave

Want to know the history behind the Men of the Cave? Then check out my guest post at Read2Review

I am often asked about the Seven Kleon Brothers in the story. The men of the cave are based off a Catholic/ Muslim legend. You can actually go visit the tomb cave of the Seven Sleepers in Turkey. I stayed relatively close to the events of the legend, but made modifications to fit the parameters of my story.”

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Share your tale....

Here's mine today:

       My son has always hated getting his haircut. I'm talking kicking, screaming, crying. The works! You would think we were torturing him. We bribed with everything, ice cream, toys, and even a pet. So, the deal is if he can get a haircut without crying he gets a fish. Well, no fish yet, until today.

     He heard that his cousin was coming into town and asked me if he could get his hair cut today. Not allowing an opportune time to go a miss, I called the barber right on the spot and we were off.

      My son's barber is the only person that has even managed to make his hair look decent. He works out of a barbershop in Port Saint Lucie in a shopping center.

    We enter for the haircut, so far so good. My son is willing and chipper. He has it in his head that he wants this done for his cousin's arrival. He sits in my lap as my husband watches and like a miracle from the bible, he didn't cry. Finally, my son got a haircut with no hassle. Yea!

     We congratulated him, praised him, and hugged him with joy. He was so proud. Since he did such an amazing job, we agreed on a fish and ice cream.

      As I stood at the checkout counter paying the nice woman, my husband went to tip the barber. All I remember hearing was a series of men yelling NOOO!!!! Don't touch....but they never got to finish their sentences. When my eyes looked behind me, my son's hand had already pulled down the white handle in the red box of the fire alarm.

     The siren blasted, my heart stopped, and my son ran to a chair and cried. The alarm connected to the entire strip mall. All the venders came out of their stores, customers avoided the building, and my nice tan cheeks turned a very bright colored pink. I was mortified. My son cried and cried. He understood the gravity of what he did and felt awful.

    The fire department was super nice about the whole thing. The barber shop as well. My son apologized to the firefighters and the shop after he had calmed down. In the end he still received a Beta fish (Named One Wing, his choice, makes no sense), but no ice cream. Lesson learned the hard way. Will he ever experience a normal haircut?

 Do you have a tale on an accidental fire alarm incident? Please do share!

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Mine is being able to Teleport and being able to smell a lie. :) Carol L.

Reply: Marisette Burgess on said:
Ha Ha, smell a lie. I didn’t think about that one. Hmmm…could come in handy

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Another 5 Star review

Intriguing & Addictive!

Wow! What a fantastic start to a new series. Get ready for a fantastic Journey as Kasey discovers a whole new life/world beyond her wildest dreams in a country far away from her own home. I was intrigued by the story immediately as the author’s description of Kasey and her situation became visualized from the smooth writing. It was totally addicting and I could not put the book down, I had it read within 4 hours and only craved more in the end.

The characters were so real like and the connections between all of them were family oriented, passionate, and heart melting emotional. With a great mixture of Christianity (God & his first Children) and Greek Mythology (Greek God’s, Goddess, and Demigods) intertwined, it made for a very interesting story that I will never forget.

First off I love Mythology especially anything about Pandora’s Box (Jar) and as I read this great story the author held my interest and excitement of learning more about Pandora and her descendants. I also love the different take on how the God’s, Goddess, and demigods came about and how the Almighty God with his warrior angels ended the great war in the heavens.

The myth story on the 7 Men of the Cave came with some interesting characters making the story mysterious and exciting to learn more about them, they were not only handsome but they all had different talents and special abilities to go along with their immortality.

Here are just a few short quotes of their description and who they were:

“Max-Maximian can heal with his touch. Anthony-Antoninos, can speak with animals. John-Joannes sees the future and Martin-Martinianus sees the past or present”

“Sam-Sambatus my older brother can leave his body in spirit form and move around in a ghost like way. James-Jamblichos my younger brother can move objects with his mind. Me-Dionysius , I am fast,”

The story’s plot remained a mystery all through the book and I loved that about it. The romance between Kasey and Dion built up beautifully. I would have to say the heat level on this romance was mild, I would also say that the story’s romance could be based on a border line between Young Adult and Adult especially since Kasey’s character was 18 and the immortals were several centuries old. There were a couple of make out scenes but they were very tasteful, nothing naughty.

I found the story very humorous with the bantering between the 7 brothers and with Kasey. In the end, though I wanted a Happy Ever After and an ending climax to the mystery of the 7 Men of the Cave along with the relationship between Kasey and Pandora, I quickly accepted the cliff hanger knowing there will be a book 2 “Jar of Pandora” in the series and am totally Jones-ing until it comes out.

I highly recommend this book to all those who have an interest in romance with mythology and Christianity elements. You will truly be amazed at the author’s talented writing and storytelling. Marisette Burgess you have a new fan and I can’t wait to read more of your work.

Excellent read!

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Sorry I've been MIA online for the past weeks or so. I have been working diligently on the second book. Jar of Pandora goes to the editor this Thursday! Tentative release is late Fall.

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Marisette Burgess's Reviews > Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

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Jul 11, 12 · edit

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There were parts of this book I absolutely adored as an author. It is far more captivating than the first, even though I loved meeting Ana and Christian, in Fifty Shades of Grey. The charity ball, for one, reminds me of the surreal glamour, like in the Great Gatsby. I won't give anything away, but the best part of the book was an intense moment between Ana and Christian when they both break down together. I love what E.L. does with characterization and the twisted complexity of these two people trying to figure it out. Books are all about the characters to me and their uniqueness, she definitely does not disappoint.

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RoseMarie Wrote

  • My quiet teacher friend wrote this book. I just finished reading it last night, rather this morning at 2am because I couldn't go to sleep without finishing it. I had no idea she had such talent! You are an amazing author Marisette Burgess! I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. EVERYONE, you have to add this to your summer reading list. You won't be disappointed.