Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's almost here! Have a taste :)

To all who are waiting patiently for Jar of Pandora...

      I have been working hard on the second book . These past few weeks the novel has challenged me in ways  Men of the Cave never did. There has been three to four different versions of the ending that my poor husband has had to read and re-read. I feel confident with the current ending and I'm excited to get this novel into the readers hands. It's unique, action packed, and full of surprises.

Here's a sneak peek. A little teaser: Dion's POV

Artemis’ eyes narrowed and she half smiled resembling a mischievous fox. “They will kill her, then nothing can stop us.”

Shock, dread, and every bad feeling that I could muster did within me. Tired of playing games with this has-been goddess, I swung aggressively then kicked my foot behind hers. I knocked Artemis onto her back. With the tip of my foot I threw her blade into the water. I straddled the woman, my knees holding down her arms. My sword’s tip positioned above her heart. My hand around her neck gripping tightly. She coughed.

“Kill who? Who are you after?” I pressed her head into the dock.

She resisted me, choked and smiled. She whispered, “Pandora’s granddaughter of course.”

With petrified shock, I squeezed her neck tighter. “Who is after her and why?” I yelled inches from her wretched face.

She began a maniacal giggle, then maneuvered her left arm free, and before I could gain control of it again she gripped the handle of my sword and pulled it into her heart.

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