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Men of the Cave

Men of the Cave by Marisette Burgess
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Aug 15, 12

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I want to thank Marisette for letting me review her book, I’m officially addicted and I cannot wait to get my hands on book 2! I loved how she combined Greek mythology with religion it really made for an interesting story that will have you laughing at times too.

Kasey and Dian I loved them what can I say, their romance was a perfect balance in the book I can’t wait till they go and meet her parent’s heh you will get it when you read the book! The book is done in two points of views Dion’s and Kasey’s, which worked out prefect because you get to understand where both characters are coming from. I’m excited to read what happens next for Kasey and Dion along with his brothers. This will defiantly a book I’ll reread.

Kasey flees to Spain on a scholarship, she thought learning Spanish was going to be difficult just wait till she finds out what destiny has in store for her.

She meets Dion and his brothers at her host family’s restaurant, from there they start off as friends but they feel this pull to be with one another their relationship starts to develop from there. But everything come to a halt when she find out just what Dion and his brothers are, As Kasey struggles to believe in the things she been told little does she know things are about to take a turn and not a good one either.

With Dion’s other two brothers after them they must protect the one thing they have all grown to care about Kasey.

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Marisette Burgess Thank you Steph! I am jumping out of my seat excited you enjoyed the book. I can't wait for everyone to read book two. I appreciate the review, thank you.   

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