Tuesday, June 26, 2012

201 likes on Facecbook!

Yea! Men of the Cave has received 201 likes on Facecbook! 266 people have entered to win a copy of Men of the Cave, on Goodreads! 53 people have marked it to read! I am utterly humbled by all the wide spread support and enthusiasm for the book.

More Great News:
The Goodreads group Addicted to YA, has just sent out it's list of possible books the group should read for the month of July, Men of the Cave is on that list. Please go on to the link below to vote for the book. Voting ends June 30th:

I've been picked as Goodreads Teen Romance August featured Author to review! There will be a Q & A and discussion on Men of the Cave. I'm so excited can't wait.
Here's the link to the group:

If you haven't written a review for Men of the Cave, please do so. We would love to see your comments!
Places to place reviews:

Thank you to everyone who is helping make Men of the Cave a success!
Marisette Burgess

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