Friday, June 22, 2012

Fan Fiction, what are your thoughts?

My mother recently sent me this article from the Wall Street Journal on Fan Fiction. The weird World of Fan Fiction.

  I found the article intriguing enough to blog about it. Fan Fiction is where fans of a book, movie, or TV series take those lovable characters and re-create them into a different world, scenario, or storyline. An entire website exists with millions of stories people have written based off their favorite characters.

   I think this is hysterical, as a teacher I have been doing fan fiction with the kids and didn't even realize it. Every year I teach my favorite subject fairy tales, folk tales, and fables. The kids of course have to re-write a favorite fairy tale or folk tale into a different and creative storyline. It's an amazing way to teach creative writing by changing the setting, voices, plot, and conflict/ solution from a familiar story.

   The article informs that some authors do not support fan fiction. They feel people are stealing what is theirs.

     Personally, I cannot agree. I think it's great! As a writer myself, I know what it is to be a daydreamer. Often after I finish a book where I have fallen in love with the characters I dream up different storylines, or situations in my head with those same people. It’s a way to fill the void that is left after you finish the book and don’t have those characters in your life anymore. Nobody wants to say goodbye to their favorite characters. Therefore, we keep them fresh with new scenes in our heads. Some folks are writing down those scenes, and sharing them with others. More power to them.

    If it were me, I would be honored  if someone fell in love with the characters in my books so much that they wanted to to use them in their story.

  I'm curious to know what your thoughts and opinions are on fan fiction. Post your comments here:

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