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Men of the Cave by Marisette Burgess

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Jul 28, 12

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First of all, I would like to thank Marisette for asking me to review this book! If she had never asked me to, I would've never found this book, and miss out on some really great fantasy!

Men of the Cave was a fabulous book, very fun and adventurous, and I loved the blend of Christianity with Greek Mythology! I mean where else can you find that in books?! It was such and original unique idea, and it gave it a fun twist, and I enjoyed it very much.

The setting was FABULOUS! I love how it's all the way out into a foreign country, instead of the U.S. Seems to me it's either the U.S. or a whole new world that most books are set in now. So the setting was such a refreshing change.

Each character really felt unique- how each brother had their own special talent, and how each acted, and thier interactions with Kasey were fun! Very humourous at times too. :)

Dion and Kasey's romance was so cute! I loved how it wasn't like an overdoes of romance, like it can sometimes get in other books, it was in perfect balance with the rest of the story. It was fun, and very romantic at times. :) Brings a smile to your face.

I liked how this was written in two POVs- Kasey's and Dion's, which worked really well with this story. I'm cool with more than 1 POVs, but sometimes, it seems unnecessary, and can be executed badly. Marisette is definitely a talented writer. I think the best thing about this book is how unique it is, it definitely stands out among all those other YA books out there.

The only complaint: TOO SHORT. PLEASE. I WANT TO KNOW MORE. :( I reach the end of the story and I kept flipping the page expecting for more... and nope. That was the last page. So here is me, hoping for the next book to come out...

I'm very intrigue by how all this is going down, and the prologue and the end of the book gave a very nice cliffhanger, so that doesn't really help with waiting... But thank god there's a next book! I was worried there wasn't going to be. I can't wait for Jar of Pandora! :)

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