Thursday, July 26, 2012

Share your tale....

Here's mine today:

       My son has always hated getting his haircut. I'm talking kicking, screaming, crying. The works! You would think we were torturing him. We bribed with everything, ice cream, toys, and even a pet. So, the deal is if he can get a haircut without crying he gets a fish. Well, no fish yet, until today.

     He heard that his cousin was coming into town and asked me if he could get his hair cut today. Not allowing an opportune time to go a miss, I called the barber right on the spot and we were off.

      My son's barber is the only person that has even managed to make his hair look decent. He works out of a barbershop in Port Saint Lucie in a shopping center.

    We enter for the haircut, so far so good. My son is willing and chipper. He has it in his head that he wants this done for his cousin's arrival. He sits in my lap as my husband watches and like a miracle from the bible, he didn't cry. Finally, my son got a haircut with no hassle. Yea!

     We congratulated him, praised him, and hugged him with joy. He was so proud. Since he did such an amazing job, we agreed on a fish and ice cream.

      As I stood at the checkout counter paying the nice woman, my husband went to tip the barber. All I remember hearing was a series of men yelling NOOO!!!! Don't touch....but they never got to finish their sentences. When my eyes looked behind me, my son's hand had already pulled down the white handle in the red box of the fire alarm.

     The siren blasted, my heart stopped, and my son ran to a chair and cried. The alarm connected to the entire strip mall. All the venders came out of their stores, customers avoided the building, and my nice tan cheeks turned a very bright colored pink. I was mortified. My son cried and cried. He understood the gravity of what he did and felt awful.

    The fire department was super nice about the whole thing. The barber shop as well. My son apologized to the firefighters and the shop after he had calmed down. In the end he still received a Beta fish (Named One Wing, his choice, makes no sense), but no ice cream. Lesson learned the hard way. Will he ever experience a normal haircut?

 Do you have a tale on an accidental fire alarm incident? Please do share!

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